One of our favorite working methods is actively collaborating with our clientele.

There is nothing more exhilarating than the reward of the particular smile that reveals how pleased a client is with their finished project. There is also the emotional connection of creatively being on the same wave length with another human being who appreciates beauty.

As working with precious materials is a great privilege, so is working with people’s desires and hopes. We honor the search for individuality and uniqueness present in all as we truly strive to make each piece as unique as the person who dreamed it first. We try to access and understand that dream in order to be able to manifest it in metal and precious stones.

Throughout the creation process and in the end, when the project is finished, we like to make people embody their uniqueness and we revel in seeing them beam happily.

We like the special atmosphere each piece creates, its aura and the different energy each jewel exudes. We both wish for our work to become a modern classic of the future, bold and precious and acquiring more personality with each generation that will have it.

Here are the stories of a few extraordinary pieces we brought to life, closely following the client's vision and input.

The Grasshopper Pin:

We began with a rendering based on the clients love of insects. The client opted for a more colorful approach and, since we had "carte blanche" on what to do, we created a multicolored grasshopper and on the back of the brooch we painted a sunset landscape with tsavorites, blue and orange sapphires and diamonds. In the neck and wings area we set the stones upside-down for a special effect.

18K yellow gold, Front: pavé white, green, yellow, champagne and black diamonds, Paraiba tourmalines, tsavorites, emeralds Back: pavé orange saphires, blue sapphires, tsavorites
Dimensions: approx. 85mm x 55mm


Small Bug & Large Bug Pin:

Our client came to us wanting pins made around unusual black pearls and representing unconventional insects.
The finished brooches are very true to the original vision of the renderings and the client was thrilled with them.
Small bug (left): 18K yellow gold, Tahitian pearl, Paraiba tourmalines, white, purple, blue and black diamonds, 
Large Bug (right):18K yellow gold,
Tahitian pearl, ruby cabochon eyes, white, purple, blue, black diamonds, blue sapphires