Animal-inspired jewelry for the benefit of animals

As far back as I can remember, animals have always been a part of my life. I learned to care for them and moreover, I learned their predicament in man’s world. Everyday I cringe thinking of the millions of animals who suffer at man’s hand. I beg for every self-respecting human being to stop and think how to solve this shameful situation.
I offer my modest contribution:

There is no more noble endeavor than caring and helping our brothers-- the animals-- who in today’s world are in increasingly precarious circumstances.

Eliminate cruel treatment of animals throughout the world.

Working to secure global well being for animals by having enough hospitals, sanctuaries, no-kill shelters and regulating the meat industry, and raising human consciousness, especially in children.

The state of human consciousness is the main culprit for the monstrous crimes committed against animals at all levels. There is immediate need for evolution of human consciousness in order for significant and lasting changes to occur in the life of animals, humans and ultimately of our planet.
My personal contribution to global animal well being is to create beautiful pieces of jewelry that will touch people’s hardened hearts, making them open to animal need and suffering,  in order to bring about the much needed change in consciousness.

Laila Lore will donate a percentage of profits from the sale of the "Animal Collection" to animal advocacy and animal causes.