Unique. Pearls are unique, each single one with distinctive characteristics even if apparently identical, and each pearl has imperfections.

How can one resist and not be absolutely fascinated with these amazing gifts of the seas? They are the only jewel produced by a living animal, the resourceful mollusk.

Since we can remember, pearls constitute an important part of out creations and they always are an endless source of awe and inspiration.
Whether salt water pearls, (Akoya,Tahitian, South Sea, produced by many species of oysters) or freshwater pearls -produced by mussels- pearls offer the artist a very special thrill.
Laila favors South Seas baroque peals: each a story waiting to unfurl. She looks at the pearls for hours because at some point the pearls tell her what they want to become.
Ion is fond of large, round peals in various colors -from white to gold and black- which he uses in unexpected ways in his conceptual pieces.
Both artists have won various international awards with their pearl creations.