Most of the "Ionescu Jewels" necklaces are one-of-a-kind because, just like people, stones have a personality that dictates the design (provided there is enough awareness to listen.)
In special cases we produce series of similar necklaces, as demanded by retailers. The collections adhere to the general original design but differ in the details. A good example would be the “Signature” necklace, which was done in many color combinations. Following the initial vision of an opulent floral clasp held by beads, color schemes change so that the stones of the clasp complement the beads that allude to graceful stems and water drops.
Most of the necklaces allow at least three different looks (morning, all-day and special occasion) depending on where the clasp is worn. We like the atmosphere each necklace creates, its aura and the energy it exudes. We hope that our work become a modern classic: bold and precious, acquiring more personality with each generation that wears it.