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“Signature” Rosecut Diamonds necklace


“Signature” Rosecut Diamonds Necklace:

18K yellow gold & Rhodium clasp, textured with 10 rosecut dia's: 5.00+ct, cognac dia.: 0.45ct, purple dia.: 0.65ct, brown dia. :0.06ct.

Beads: Labradorite, 3 shades of grey moonstone, quartz crystal, sunstone, smokey quartz, tanzanite, turquoise


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N-59 labr sig. W.jpg
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Additional Info

One-of-a-kind. This is our signature necklace. We consider it a painting in stone rather than paint. Depending on the chosen color scheme, it can be done in many striking combinations and always be a one-of-a-kind